Wow! amazing russian sheep farm. А new breed of Russian sheep - KATUM

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Sheep are large, the weight of sheep is up to 110 kg, and the queens are up to 80 kg. Meat type with very fast feeding, sheep-broiler. A distinctive feature of them is that the hair is mainly composed of hair, and only in the cold time there is an undercoat that sheds with the onset of a warm time, so the sheep do not require a hairstyle, the warm winter undercoat wrinkles in spring. Smooth-haired hair allows sheep to tolerate a humid climate. Sheep have a pale yellow, light red color with various variations of medium-sized white and dark-red spots. Smooth skin favorably emphasizes the beauty of these sheep. Stone sheep Sheep are not susceptible to hoof diseases, infectious and invasive diseases, and have a high overall resilience. High fertility (220%, twins and triplets are the norm) with high maternal qualities, lambs are born active, there is always enough milk in the queens. Lambs have a surprisingly high growth rate and quickly gain weight in 100 kg in 1.5 years. Yarka and rams have early puberty and remain reproductive for a long time. Katumsky smooth-haired beef sheep can tolerate winter with any frost under a canopy, protected from direct rain and snow, equipped with heated drinkers (warm water in cold weather saves animal energy and reduces feed consumption by 30%). Sheep are very calm, obedient, phlegmatic, they can live without an aviary, they can be fed by a child and an elderly person. Adult animals can maintain their weight on poor feed.

The meat type of the Katum smooth-haired sheep implies fleshy carcasses with a high yield of meat. Meat special unique mild flavor, without a specific musky flavor, lean, similar to veal. In finished form, the meat can be eaten hot and cold, it has the desired composition of fatty acids. In dishes, meat can easily replace beef and pork. The taste of meat does not change with the age of the animal.

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